Why Choose Us?

St. John’s is a school with 130 students, supported by the St. Laurence O’Toole Parish and the community of Cobar. The school is part of the Catholic Education System administered by the Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese. St. John’s is a co-educational institution, offering classes from Kindergarten to Year Six.

At St. John’s Parish School, our motto, ‘Welcoming, Respecting, Learning, Creating Community,’ and our vision of ‘A Catholic community of empowered, engaged, and resilient learners centered within Jesus Christ,’ are central to our objectives. These statements emphasize the importance of quality education, with a focus on nurturing the whole child (spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally) and fostering positive relationships among staff, students, families, and our parish community.

Every student at St. John’s, from Kindergarten to Year 6, uses a Chromebook (Years 1 to 6 take these home as well) and G-Suites (formerly Google Apps for Education). This allows staff and students to collaborate online both at school and at home. Interactive projectors in all classrooms create an engaging learning environment. Our staged learning approach supports the diverse needs of our students. Literacy and Numeracy teaching are tailored to each student’s abilities. Class teachers work with a stage buddy to promote collegiality and implement 21st-century learning programs. Flexible learning spaces and project-based learning are evident throughout the school. Every Friday afternoon, Kindergarten to Year 6 students participate in Genius Hour, where they explore their passions at school.

Inclusivity is a top priority, especially for students with special needs. We hold parenting, literacy, and numeracy workshops throughout the year to support all stakeholders in each child’s learning journey. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend our weekly Friday assembly at 12:45 pm, Lunch on the Lawn, and other scheduled events. We keep parents informed through the school website, Compass Parent Portal, weekly newsletters, and the school’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Students also have opportunities to sit for NAPLAN in Years 3 and 5, participate in State and National Academic Competitions, Moorambilla, Religious Education, and National art and cultural competitions. Our annual Public Speaking competition during Literacy and Numeracy Week encourages student participation. Additionally, students are encouraged to engage in various sports and compete in local inter-school competitions, Cluster, Diocesan, and State Carnivals.

Our goal is to support every student academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally, making St. John’s Parish Primary a Catholic community of empowered, engaged, and resilient learners centered within Jesus Christ.