Why Choose Us?

Welcoming Respecting Learning Creating Community

St John’s is a school of 174 students supported by the St Laurence O’Toole Parish and the community of Cobar. The school is part of the Catholic Education System administered by the Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese. St John’s is co-educational, with classes from Kindergarten to Year Six.

Here at St John’s, we encourage the pursuit of personal achievement and spiritual growth. Religious Education is based on the Sharing Our Story Program which allows for the students to learn Christian values within the framework of the Catholic Faith. These values permeate through all we do here at St John’s. Our sacramental programme is parish-based and led by our school Religious Education Coordinator and Parish Priest. The spiritual dimension of St John’s is supported by the implementation of Restorative Practices and Making Jesus Real.

The teaching and learning at St John’s is cutting edge. Our diocese has implemented a one-to-one device initiative. Every student at St John’s from Kindergarten to Year 6 uses a Chromebook (Years 1 to 6 take these home also) and G-Suites (formerly Google Apps for Education). Staff and students can collaborate online at school and at home. All classrooms are equipped with interactive projectors enabling creating and engaging environment in which to learn. Staged learning supports the class structure of our students at St John’s. Literacy and Numeracy teaching experiences are based on the ability of each student. Each class teacher works with a stage buddy to build collegiality and 21st-century learning programmes. Flexible learning spaces and project-based learning is evident in classrooms across the school. Each Friday afternoon Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in Genius Hour. This is an hour each week where the students can explore their own passions at school.

Our school is a member of Kids Matter. Inclusivity of students with special needs is a priority. Parenting, literacy, and numeracy workshops are held throughout the year to support all the partners in each child’s learning. Parents are always welcome to our school and are encouraged to attend our weekly Friday assembly at 8:50 am, Lunch on the Lawn and other scheduled events. Parents are informed via the school website, Skoolbag app, weekly newsletters and the school Facebook page.

Students have the opportunity to sit for NAPLAN in Years 3 and 5 and the school have extended the opportunities for students to participate in State and National Academic Competitions, Moorambilla, Religious Education, National art and cultural competitions. St John’s holds an annual Public Speaking competition held during Literacy and Numeracy Week. All students have the opportunity, are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports as well as compete in local inter-school competitions, Cluster, Diocesan, and State Carnivals.

We seek to support every student at our school academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

St John’s Parish Primary – A Catholic community of empowered, engaged and resilient learners centred within Jesus Christ.